What Color Lures Do Bass Like?

floating lizard lure

What color bait do bass like?Who knows? Why aren’t the fish telling us? 

I find that natural colors work great, particularly in clear or lightly stained waters. 

When the weather has been good, and the water is clear, I try to use lizards or worms that look like lizards and worms.I use brown, dark green, black or orange lizards.For plastic worms I go for brown or purple. The reason I use orange lizards, is because sometimes young newts are bright orange, particularly in the Spring and early Summer. 

When the water is muddy, cloudy or stained, I typically go for bright colored baits.My favorites are the pumpkin lizards or the chartreuse lizards. 

However, to be honest, the bright green lizards are my go-to-bait!Clear or muddy water, the bass seem to love chomping that bright green rubbery goodness. 

The same goes for plugs.While I prefer plugs that are silver or bronze or white and black, some of my biggest fish hit the chartreuse Rapalas, particularly the suspending plugs with the loud rattles inside.

Have you ever noticed, fish tend to bite on baits that look like nothing that occurs naturally!?Me too. If MyFishingForecast says the fish are biting...Go for the chartreuse.