Solunar Theory - Fishing Affects Explained

fishing at sunset

One component of our best fishing time prediction algorithm is solunar theory. Its one of the more commonly known means to predict fishing behavior although until recent times its been hard for amateur fisherman to be able to take advantage of due to the effect being very specific to your fishing location. So finding a solunar table in an old fishing magazine usually didn't provide much value since it was not calculated for your specific fishing spot. But with today's smartphone technology and My Fishing Forecast, we can accurately calculate the solunar times for your specific location on demand. 

Solunar Theory is a scientific theory attributed to John Alden Knight in 1926, although it is publicly accepted by historians that this technique had been used by both hunters and fisherman long before Knight's formal scientific studies.

From Wikipedia:

In May 1926, John Alden Knight put together some fishing folklore and other fishing factors such as the sun and the moon, hence the name Solunar (Sol for sun and Lunar for moon) to form a theory on the patterns of animal movement. Knight compiled a list of factors which control or influence the day-to-day behavior of many fresh water and salt water fish. Each one of the 33 different factors were considered. All but 3 were rejected. The three factors retained were the sun, the moon and the tide. For salt water fishing, tides have long been known as a factor which control fishes' behavior. As Knight's research progressed, he found that rather than just tides themselves, the relationship of the moon and sun's positions relative to each other may be the determining factor. In addition to the time of moon up (moonrise) - moon down, his research determined that there were intermediate times of the day that occurred in between the two major periods. From that he establishes that there were major periods (moon up - moon down) and minor periods. Knight published the first Solunar table in 1936.

The influence of the moon is a very important consideration for successful fishing times which is why fishermen in-the-know are always searching out more accurate solunar tables. Unfortunately up until now, its been hard to find personalized moon tables as the times of moon rise, set, and transit vary from location to location due to differences in global positioning and altitude. This lack of personalized tables has lead many people to lose enthusiasm for this technique as up until now the tables were usually pregenerated for a single location, usually published in a trade magazine, which would rarely coincide with the location of the reader. 

So when choosing your solunar tables, be sure to find a set of tables that are built upon proper astrological data and are generated specifically for the area that you plan to do your fishing in.