How It Works

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Fact: Fishing is more fun when you catch something. 

Why not tip the odds in your favor?

My Fishing Forecast is a fishing tool that provides a 5-day forecast of each days fishing potential - Telling you instantly when is the best time to drop a line, and when its best to call it a day. Using My Fishing Forecast to plan your fishing trips, YOU WILL CATCH MORE FISH!


Science In Action

Leveraging scientifically proven techniques including solunar theory, meterology, and astrology we continuously sample data in your fishing location, perform advanced technological statistical analysis, data analysis, and map reduce to arrive at a single indicator for each hour called the Fishing Index. Contrary to the high complexity of the algorithms and data sets going into it, the final Fishing Index is a simple indicator ranging from Poor to Epic. Thats right, the tool does all the hard stuff and you get to sit back and reel-in the benefits. 

Best of all, you don't need to carry around some bulky piece of scientifically advanced machinery to get this information. My Fishing Forecast was built specifically to run on your mobile phone and utilize all the scientfic and technological advancement that is built into it. Thats right its already in your pocket - you can have instant access to the BEST FISHING TIMES anytime and anywhere, literally at your finger tips. 


Predictions based on Authentic Data

To get the best insights you need the best data. My Fishing Forecast utilizes data from top sources to drive our custom algorithms.


Weather data is queried in real-time from, the creators of Dark Sky, the most innovative weather app available for mobile devices. This is the only global data source of weather data that provides accurate weather predictions up to the minute. 

Astronomical Data

All astronomical calculations utilize ephemeris data from NASA and algorthms derived from the works of  leading Belgian  astronomer Jean Meeus, publisher of the top books on astronomical calculations including the classic, Astronomical Algorithms. 

Astrological Insights

Astrological impact on the Fishing Index are derived through a collaboration with Asheville Vedic Astrology, whose techniques date back to ancient times with notable practitioners including Sri Swami Yukteswar. 


Top 3 Reasons Fisherman have Trouble Catching Fish That Are Beyond Their Control

#3 - Weather Conditions - Just like people, fish prefer some weather conditions over others. As an example they tend to dislike clear sunny days. 

#2 - Atmospheric Pressure - While not felt by people, Fish are impacted by rising and lowering of atmospheric pressure as it exerts forces on the body of water. 

#1 - Fish Aren't Hungry - Fish are biological creatures that follow a biological clock similar to ours. Where as ours tends to be in tune with the sun, most animals are more in tune with the moon. This solunar impact is the most often used indicator for good fishing times, but solunar alone is not enough as this timing is often offset due to external events such as weather. 

My Fishing Forecast takes these factors and more into account when arriving at its Fishing Index recommendation. Let My Fishing Forecast put the control back into your hands by helping you plan for your next trip. 


Global Database of Fish Behavior

By utilizing the advancements of todays internet and mobile technologies My Fishing Forecast is able to accurately predict BEST FISHING TIMES around the globe. From the United States to Australia people are using My Fishing Forecast to optimize their fishing expeditions. While My Fishing Forecast currently only supports english text, the user interface is designed to provide universal insight regardless of your language preference by using graphs and clear iconography.

So why wait? Don't waste any more time fishing when you are highly unlikely to catch something, instead spend those 'poor' fishing times attending to teh rest of your life, feeing you up to fish when you can come home with a full basket rather than just empty beer cans.