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Fishing in High Winds

I don't really advise fishing in high winds.  Too much can go wrong.  But the other day, I couldn't resist.

The last few days were great for fishing. I only got to go out once, luckily the App (MyFishingForecast App) said that the fish would be biting from 2-6 PM.  This was the exact time I had free, as I got off work early.

Bass Fishing in the Winter

As the weather and the water gets colder, it can be harder to catch bass.  Bass metabolism drops as the water temperature drops.  You might not catch as many fish, but you still can catch some keepers.

Bass typically go deeper in the water in the Winter.  In lakes, look for underwater creek beds, or places out from the shore where there is a sudden and deep drop off.

KVD Crank Bait

Last year I had a great run using this KVD crank bait.The KVD Strike King Square Bill was my go-to lure.I had a smaller and medium sized pair I used all day.

I’m hoping this fall, the fish will go back in for the crank baits. I’ve caught a few, but have had more luck with spinners and soft plastics this season.

Swimming Squirrel

Out on the boat today, we saw something fluffy moving through the water. As we got closer, we saw it was the fluffy grey tale of a squirrel as the little critter was paddling like crazy to get to the nearest dock.

I’ve never seen a squirrel in the water before, and I’ve lived on a river most of my life!

Three Speeds for Fishing

Soft plastic lures are some of my favorite baits. You can burn them through the water.You can hop them at a steady pace.You can drag them across the bottom.

When the bass are biting without much provocation, you can cast your lure to the shore and reel it back in fast. Or cast it long parallel to the shore, let it sink and rip it back.