Bass Fishing and the Carolina Rig

carolina rig

The Carolina Rig is a great tool for bass fishing. Some fisherman don't give it enough credit. They feel that if they aren't finessing a plug through the water, that it's not really fishing. Yet, they are fishing, and there is a difference between fishing and catching! Hopefully one results in the other.
The Carolina rig is simply this: A hook attached to a 12-36 inch leader + a barrel swivel + a heavy sliding sinker on the line. You can use glass beads if you want, but I haven't found that made much difference.
You can then use your favorite soft plastic bait on the hook. I like to use a 1/2 - 3/4 ounce egg shaped sinker. That way I can cast FAR! After making the cast, you can drag the carolina rig slowing across the bottom, or you can follow particular patterns. Personally, I've gotten most of my hits on while slowly dragging the rig in three steps and then resting for a couple breathes and repeat.
Cast. Let the rig hit the bottom. Count to 30, slowly. Then drag...drag...drag your rig in a few slow movements. Move your rod back while reeling in to take up the slack (without moving the bait). Breath easy for two breaths. Then drag...drag...drag until you have it all the way in.
Surprisingly and more often than not. The slower the presentation the better.
This may not be a fancy or flashy way of catch bass, but when they are not hitting the plugs readily, you'll be happy at how many fish you catch with this slow, boring, effective technique.


The Angler