Bass Fishing and Burning Crank Baits

bass in hand

On a hot late Summer or Fall day, it’s a good idea to try burning your crank baits to catch a fish. 

When I was a kid, I didn’t know much about bass fishing, even though I lived on a great river for Small Mouth.I was content with catching blue gill, catfishing at night or trying for one of the behemoth carp that showed up after the ducks got fed.

As a teenager and early into my twenties I did try a foray into Musky fishing.That lasted one summer.The only thing I caught was a walleye on a lure nearly twice the size of the fish!

It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I took up bass fishing again.I didn’t know a thing about it.I bought a few crank baits (before I discovered soft plastics) and hit the water with a friend.

On our first trip out, we didn’t get so much as a hit until…

Until he accidentally crossed my line.I reeled that floating lure in as fast as I could to avoid getting tangled.And then…

Three bass came out of nowhere and tried to devour my Rapala knock off. I caught one of them, and almost thought a second was going to go for the other hook!

That was a fun introduction to learning the necessity of sometimes ripping a crank bait through the water.Where once you thought there was no fish, now you will find three.

Hopefully you’ll catch one!


The Angler